Denver, Colorado is a city approaching 3 million in all of its metropolitan entities.  There are nearly 2000 churches in that mix, yet our rate of attendance across the city is still under 10% by most estimates.  REZ is a Kingdom-minded, biblically-rooted, Anglican fellowhip in the southern part of the metro area, Centennial, to be specific.  We are concerned that people in our circles of life come to know who Jesus is, through us.

We don't own a building, so we meet on Sunday morning in rented space, owned by Horan McConaty, a great company in Denver, providing funeral and bereavement services across the city.  We rent space from them at their South Metro Chapel, which meets our needs for a space to worship.  Our life, however, is centered in the homes of the members of REZ.  We have small groups, a Men's fellowship, an Intercessory Prayer Group and many more ministries that meet in our homes during the week, and we welcome new friends to visit us at either of our worship services on Sunday mornings, 8:30 & 10:40 at the Chapel, 5303 E. County Line Rd..

Mission is central to the heart of Resurrection.  We work to expand the Kingdom of God, both in Denver and around the state and nation, as well as around the world.  Click around in this section to get an idea of what some of our members are involved in, here in town and around the world!

The S.E. Metro Strategic Alliance
 An Alliance of Churches & Businesses to See SE Denver won to Jesus! 

For the past several years REZ has been in relationship with two other churches in the S.E. Metro area, for the purpose of fellowship and mutual support. Littleton Christian Church, an Evangelical Presbyterian Church in downtown Littleton, and BridgeWay Church, an independent church in S. Denver, have joined hands with REZ for the transformation of SE Denver.

A Strategic Alliance is a 'covenant' partnership formed among these churches to bring together their pastors, intercessors, to pool resources, empower marketplace ministers and prayer warriors to make a strategic difference in a specified portion of the Metro Denver area. We are not merging churches, but highlighting what each church brings as a contribution to the greater whole as we are more together and do more together than we can do separately! We are seeing God's fingerprints in this alliance as we move together for the transformation of S.E. Metro Denver, all its cities, all its businesses, all its schools.

In Town Missions We Support
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A 24/7 Missionary Church serving S.E. Metro Denver


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Sunday Worship Service @ 10:00 a.m.
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